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Welcome to  Precise, Effective, Training.

After a only a few workouts you will feel limber, experience less pain, begin to see your body slim and tone.
Expect to have more energy throughout your day and better sleep and night.

You can achieve greater health and vitality if you truly believe in yourself. I will help you stay on task.

“You are worthy of a great life.”

“You are worthy of love and respect.”


About Lee Cherry – Personal Trainer

“Genetics loads the gun, lifestyle pulls the trigger”

In Home Personal Trainer P.E.T. techniques are easy to follow and are geared to maximize your results without pain. Relive pain, improve your flexibility, balance, strength and power.

Workouts last 12 – 60 minutes.

I will instruct you on how to match appropriate challenges to your current fitness skill set. As your fitness skill set improves, the challenges become tougher.

The idea is to stimulate the body to change, rather than annihilating it. Fundamentals, discipline, techniques and determination are the ingredients to a successful workout plan.

If you’re frustrated because you’re not getting the results you want or you are in pain from routines that you are currently following or have followed in the past, then this is the place to be.

Everything that happens here, happens for your ultimate good.

I can be the help you need. Together we will identify weaknesses, let go of the past regrets and stay deliberately focused on the your goal.

A goal without a plan is a dream. My plan works! I will help you see thru the obstacles that hold you back from reaching you goal.  

It’s time to try something revolutionary. Are you with me?

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