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Make the most out of your time by appropriately exposing yourself to many different exercise modes, techniques, and progressions.  I am highly capable and experienced, I can show you how.


My mission is to correct your posture, decrease your pain and tightness, improve your mobility, protect you from injury, improve your flexibility, tighten your core, and strengthen your total body.


I offer workouts at my private studio as well as in home and group settings.  I also offer strength and conditioning clinics.  Topics include the following:

* Alleviating ankle, knee, hip, back, and neck pain
* Effective flexibility training
* Fundamentals of youth exercise
* Core and Stability Training 101
* Protect you Back and Neck at work and at play
* Fitness models and methodology
* Nutritional cleansing and healthy weight-loss methods


I teach exercises that target flexibility, stability, core, endurance, strength, max strength and power.  When used in an orchestrated fashion the end result is a supple, lean, aligned, toned, strong and built to last body.


lose 15 pounds in 30 days


“Notice dramatic results in 9 workouts”


9-nutritional cleanse and workout package
15-nutritional cleanse and workout package
30-nutritional cleanse and workout package
90-nutritional cleanse and workout package


I work in Cherry HillsGreenwood Village, The Denver Tech Center, Littleton and Centennial Colorado.




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About Lee Cherry – Personal Trainer

I have 18 years working experience, Degree’s in Exercise Physiology, and Nutritional Sciences, and I am certified thru The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I can teach you highly effective exercise techniques, and get you to lose weight quickly by matching certain workout challenges to your fitness level.

Certified Personal Trainer


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