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This approach will maximize your weight loss and muscle toning results without the pain that can go with working out.  

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This isn’t one method, this is a balanced, and specific plan that will make the most of your time by exposing you to many defferent exercise modes, techniques, and progression.

I use many methods from exercise and nutritional science researchers, educators, trainers, and coaches (Corrective Exercise, Pilates, Stability, Endurance, Strength, Power) when designing a program.  My plan involves a exercise continuum that involves,

1. Inhibit overactive muscles
2. Activate under active muscles
3. Correct Posture
4. Integrate Movements
My plan integrates nutritional cleansing, pain release, flexibility and resistance training methodology I created this program to offer all ages and abilities to use training guidelines specifically targeting Flexibility, Core, Stability, Endurance, Strength, and Power. Ask yourself, would I like a balanced body, flexible, Stable, Strong and Powerful. Do you want a lean body capable of running jumping, throwing, and playing? I create the challenge (game) and you try to accomplish the goal. My program is goal oriented, client specific and fun. I offer variety and specific training using science based methodology and appropriate application.

I will correct your posture, improve your flexibility, tighten your core, and strengthen your: legs, back, shoulders, and arms. I dedicated to optimizing your time and maximizing your results. Please check out my “lose 15 pounds in 30 days” plan. This plan will help you lose the weight quickly without annihilating your body. It’s not hard to lose weight when you have a focused plan of action. I am highly capable of designing the perfect plan for you “wants” and “needs”.

“Notice dramatic results in 9 workouts”

Custom Plans
9-workout package
15 day Include nutritional cleansing system

I offer workouts at my private studio as well as in-home and group settings.

I also serve individuals, families and groups to collaborate and create customized workout plans.

I work in Cherry HillsGreenwood Village, The Denver Tech Center, Littleton and Centennial Colorado.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or bored with your routine, then I am here to help.


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About Lee Cherry – Personal Trainer

I have 18 years working experience, Degree’s in Exercise Physiology, and Nutritional Sciences, and I am certified thru The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I can teach you highly effective exercise techniques, and get you to lose weight quickly by matching certain workout challenges to your fitness level.

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