The LC Method – Pain Free Results

Workouts are fun, engaging, never repetitive, and always fresh.

About Lee Cherry – Personal Trainer

I have 18 years working experience, Degree’s in Exercise physiology, and Nutritional Sciences, and I am certified thru The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  Put my expertise to work for you.  I will teach you highly effective exercise techniques, and get you to lose weight by matching the challenge to your fitness level.  I will teach you to stimulate your body to change, and the discipline to take care of yourself rather than annihilating your body to change.


“Every person I work with presents specific needs.  My goal is to develop a plan that improves fitness and matches the appropriate challenge to your current skill set”

My Guarantee

  • Increase tissue tensile strength (tendons, ligaments, and muscles)
  • Improves cardiorespiratory efficiency
  • Enhances beneficial endocrine (hormone) and serum lipid (cholesterol) adaptations
  • Increases metabolic efficiency (metabolism)
  • Increase bone density

All of the workouts are 50 minutes in duration.




Disclaimer: This method has been successfully tested and specifically designed to follow biomechanical, physiological, and functional principles of the Human Movement System